Macaron, 22 The Pavement, London, SW4 0HY

18 Jan 2013 18:18

Cappuccino £1.75

Croissant £1.50

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Macaron, 22 The Pavement, London, SW4 0HY

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This is one of my favourite places in Clapham; it’s trx2 vs propecia everything a good

patisserie should be.

They serve great coffee (I like my cappuccino strong and with more foam than milk) and this goes perfectly online viagra with their delicious buttery, made-on-the-premises, croissants. Pop in at 8am on weekdays and they are served hot, straight out of the oven!

I love the fact that you can see into their kitchen at the back and watch bakers kneading dough and others preparing their delightful range of cakes, macaroons (in a huge variety of flavours) and bread.

It is a delightful little place to meet for pastries in the morning, sandwiches at lunchtime, or coffee and sweet-treats at any time of day! It’s open every day of the week. Like all good French patisseries they have a range of typical French sweeties for the nostalgic – Carambars in jars to take you back to your childhood…

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This place is for coffee appreciators and those that don’t count calories!

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